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Best Dental Care you can get for you and your family.

At Tache Dental Clinic, we offer a wide array of dental treatments and procedures, such as cosmetic dentistry, cleanings, Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, wisdom tooth extractions, dental implants, porcelain veneers, mercury-free tooth-colored fillings, teeth whitening, gum procedures, root canal treatment, and much more, all performed in a safe and friendly environment!

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Tache Dental Clinic

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Welcome to Tache Dental Clinic

We Specialize In All Types of Dental Emergencies

Tache Dental Centre is located at 400 Tache Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in front of the St. Boniface Hospital. We offer free street parking and wheelchair accessibility.  If you are suffering with a dental emergency, call, email, or use the form on this page to inform us of your situation and to request an appointment. New patients are welcome.  We are here to help.
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A Full Range of Dental Services

Winnipeg Family Dental Centre

Preventative Dentistry

No matter what your age, getting regular dental check-ups can not only save your teeth but also save you money in the long run by helping you to maintain a healthy mouth. Check-ups include X-rays and preventative dental care procedures such as:

  • Dental sealants

  • Fillings

  • Prophylaxis (preventive action against disease)

  • Periodontal hygiene maintenance cleanings (with periodontal pocket measurements and fluoride application)

A number of systemic (“throughout the body”) diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, have been shown to be co-related to poor oral and dental health, so maintaining a comprehensive routine of professional dental care could help to prevent the occurrence of much more catastrophic illnesses in your life. Other preventative measures we offer include:

Oral Cancer Screening (similar to a regular skin check-up)

Any type of cancer can have far-reaching and long-lasting effects. A thorough look around the mouth for suspicious looking tissue(s), including around and under the tongue, the palate, and the vestibules of the cheeks and lips, is a very important part of your dental exam. In the event that something suspicious is found, a gentle brush biopsy can be taken and sent to a laboratory for analysis. Catching and treating cancer early is always the best strategy.

Periodontal Health

Your gum health will be evaluated during every hygiene appointment. Gum disease is best treated when it is caught early, so we check your periodontal health carefully.

Tooth Filling

Pain serves as the body’s warning system; when you experience tooth pain, it is a good idea to consult a reputable dental centre such as Tache Dental Centre. If left untreated, tooth pain can lead to a more severe condition.

Tooth pain may be caused by a chipped filling. During your check-up, your dentist will check your tooth fillings and may suggest replacement of any loose, broken or cracked teeth. Your dentist also looks for signs of decay, such as brown or black spots, and may require X-rays to make a complete diagnosis.

If you have a cavity, your dentist may choose to keep an eye on it (if it’s small) or fill it right away. If a large cavity is left untreated, it can get bigger and cause pain. The tooth may even have to be removed and replaced with a false (artificial) tooth.

If a cavity is present and a filling is suggested, there are generally two kinds of fillings available:

Metal Fillings

While dental amalgam is the most common type of filling used in Canada today, other filling materials, such as gold and silver are also available. The dentist can help you choose a material that is right for your specific oral health needs.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Composite fillings and fillings made out of glass ionomer materials and are the same colour as your natural teeth. These fillings are often a good option for children since their teeth are still changing. Also, they can discharge fluoride, which can help in preventing tooth decay.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace missing roots and provide support for replacement teeth, which may be affixed to the implant(s). Or you may be able to take them out yourself.

Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding is a quick and painless way to repair chips in your teeth. Tooth bonding uses a white plastic paste, called composite resin – a plastic that is semi-liquid at first, becoming hard and durable when cured with light.

Rooth Planing and Scaling

Root planing and scaling is a non-surgical procedure that removes plaque and dental calculus from the mouth. These substances adhere to the teeth as sticky or hardened residues and are the result of bacterial colonies located under the gums. If the plaque and bacteria are not removed frequently, they can produce acids which promote tooth decay and gingivitis.

Root planing and scaling is the most effective way to treat gum disease before it becomes severe and chronic. It is also usually the first step in treating more advanced periodontal disease. It is an important part of your oral health, cleaning between the gums and the teeth down to the roots.

Some dentists and dental hygienists will use an ultrasonic tool for the planing and scaling. This tool is not as uncomfortable as a standard scraping tool, but not all cleanings require this type of tool.

Your dentist may place antibiotic fibres into the pockets between your teeth and gums. The antibiotic will help speed healing and prevent infection. The dentist will remove the fibres about one week after the procedure.

Fixed Partial Dentures

Dentures offer an alternative for missing teeth that can be readjusted if taken out from your mouth. While dentures may not feel exactly the same as one’s natural teeth and might take some time to get used to, today’s dentures are natural looking and more comfortable than ever.

There are two main types of dentures: full and partial. Your dentist will help you choose the type of denture that’s best for you, based on whether some or all of your teeth are going to be replaced and the cost involved.

Removable partial dentures generally consist of substitute teeth that are affixed to a gum-coloured plastic base, which is held in place in the mouth by a metal frame.

The plate may be a combination of metal and plastic or fashioned entirely of plastic. Both types may have clips that help to keep the denture in its place. Some of these clips may be visible while smiling or talking, if they are at the front side of the mouth.

Besides filling in the spaces formed by missing teeth, partial dentures keep other teeth from shifting position. Partial dentures are removable and have internal attachments.

Root Canal Treatment

The primary endodontic procedure is a root canal. Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp chamber of your tooth becomes infected or impacted by decay. This can happen even with a thorough at-home oral hygiene routine.

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are fashioned in a dental laboratory using an impression of your teeth that has been made by your dentist. This impression allows a lab technician to examine all the characteristics of your bite and jaw activities.

Ceramic dental crowns enclose the outside portion of a damaged tooth completely, providing protection against further damage and improving the cosmetic appearance, alignment or shape of the tooth. A crown can also be positioned on top of an implant in order to provide a tooth-like shape for functioning.

Unlike dentures, crowns and bridges are cemented prosthetic devices. They are fixed onto existing teeth or implants and can only be detached by a dentist. Bridges are usually used for replacing one or more missing teeth by spanning the space where there are no teeth. They can be affixed to implants, or to the natural teeth surrounding the empty space. While crowns and bridges are for a lifetime, they do sometimes get loose or fall out.

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Teeth Venners

Teeth veneers are thin, made-to-order shells composed of tooth-coloured materials that are designed to wrap up the front side of teeth. Teeth veneers are crafted by a dental technician, normally in a dental lab, according to the model provided by your dentist.

Athletic Mouth Guard

According to the Canadian Dental Association, athletic mouth guards prevent over 200,000 injuries every year. Particularly in contact sports, athletic mouth guards can protect teeth from being knocked loose or knocked out.

By distributing the force of a blow equally throughout the entire mouth, athletic mouth guards can prevent painful injuries and save your family thousands of dollars in unnecessary dental work.

Athletically-minded people in and around Winnipeg may purchase a “one-size-fits-all” mouth guard from a sporting goods store. This is a common and convenient choice for many, especially parents whose children are involved in sports. However, custom-fitted, professionally made mouth guards are superior for several reasons:

  • Material used in custom mouth guards is stronger

  • More comfortable to wear

  • Will not interrupt breathing or speech

  • Matched specifically to your teeth and offer substantially more support against impact

Custom athletic mouth guards offered at our office are made from exact models of your teeth. This allows us to ensure that every tooth is properly protected and that the jaw and gums are supported. This level of protection is simply not available from store-bought varieties of mouth guards.

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