Teeth Cleaning For A Better Smile

Cleaning your teeth at home twice a day is essential if you want to have a healthy mouth, but it takes more than what you can do at home to ensure your gums are healthy and your teeth maintain their natural whiteness. Visiting your dentist for a professional teeth cleaning will provide you with numerous benefits on top of your daily routine.

If you’re tired of smiling with your mouth closed and want to regain confidence in your smile, visit Tache Dental Centre for a teeth cleaning in Winnipeg. Tache Dental prides itself in our ability to make patients of all ages comfortable with our dental services. We have a small team at our office, allowing patients to become familiar with our staff. The wealth of experience in our office ensures that patients are receiving top-notch treatment, especially with procedures as regular as teeth cleanings.

Promote Oral Hygiene with Regular Teeth Cleanings

It’s very important to form good daily brushing habits, but you also need to have your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Professional teeth cleanings are performed at your dentist’s office by a dentist or dental hygienist.

Teeth cleanings can help remove hard deposits on your teeth, which your daily brushing cannot remove. Professional cleanings also help prevent gum disease and dental filling breakdown. We recommend visiting your dentist for a teeth cleaning at least twice a year if you’re an overall healthy person; if you have specific health concerns that affect your oral health, you should get professional teeth cleanings more frequently.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

If you don’t want to develop gum disease or lose your teeth when you age, regular teeth cleanings offer many benefits and can help:

  • Oral health: Good oral hygiene can prevent the build-up of plaque, prevent gum disease and other health issues. Having a healthy mouth can lead to overall health benefits such as reduced risk of heart disease.
  • Appearance: If your teeth are yellowing, chances are they could benefit from a thorough teeth cleaning from your Winnipeg dentist. The toothpaste used at the dentist’s office promotes teeth whitening, which can help improve your overall appearance.
  • Confidence: When your smile looks and feels healthy, it’s easy to feel confident. Teeth cleanings ensure that your breath is freshened and will remove surface stains so you can smile with more confidence than before.
  • Lower costs: By maintaining your oral health through teeth cleanings, you lower your risk for various diseases and problems down the road. By avoiding these issues, you’ll have much lower dental costs.

Visit Us for Teeth Cleaning in Winnipeg

Good oral hygiene is the result of brushing and flossing at home, eating a balanced diet and getting professional teeth cleanings. You know that your teeth are healthy when they are clean and free of debris, while your gums will be pink and will not hurt or bleed when you brush or floss. With good oral hygiene, bad breath isn’t a constant problem.

When you visit your dentist for a teeth cleaning in Winnipeg, we’ll go over good oral hygiene techniques, provide useful tips and point out areas of your mouth that may require extra attention during brushing and flossing at home.