Emergency Root Canals & Scheduled Appointments

Emergency root canals arise due to improper hygiene as your teeth can become infected or susceptible to decay. This is especially the case if you eat sugary foods and forget to brush your teeth afterwards. If your teeth have been infected or impacted by decay, you may need a scheduled or possible emergency root canal treatment.

A type of endodontic treatment, root canals are necessary when bacteria enter your teeth through deep cavities or cracks in the teeth. Your teeth can become abscessed or infected from this bacteria infestation, and if the pulp at the centre of your tooth is infected, it needs to be removed.  Sometimes the pain can be very difficult to deal with.  In these emergency root canal situations, please call us immediately and one of our St. Boniface dentist professionals will fit you in immediately.

Thanks to recent improvements, the root canal process is no longer the high-anxiety procedure it used to be. In fact, today’s secure and comfortable endodontic cure options protect your oral health while saving you money.

Root Canal Treatment

During root canal treatment, the infected or inflamed pulp is removed and the interior of the tooth is first cautiously cleaned and sanitised, and then filled and sealed. Later on, the tooth is restored, using a crown or filling as a shield. After restoration, the tooth works like any other.

Saving the natural tooth by root canal treatment offers a number of advantages, including more efficient chewing, protection from excessive wear, restoration of normal biting force and much more. With proper care, most patients who have had root canals in Winnipeg can enjoy the use of a treated tooth as long as natural ones, often for a lifetime.

Our emergency dentists have years of experience and take the time to ensure all root canal procedures are handled expertly. Our goal is to make the procedure as comfortable as possible, knowing how intimidating it can be for patients. Our experience is evident in how efficiently and professionally we handles the entire process, from beginning to end.